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M.D. Neurology, Ph.D. Linguistics. Neurologist, 6830 Hospital Drive, Baltimore, Maryland, ex-Neurologist and Assistant Director, Division of Clinical Neurophysiology, Department of Neurology, Franklin Square Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland; Awards: Fulbright Award for Research and Teaching on Aphasia and Linguistic Theory, University of Vienna, Austria, 1986-1987; John Dewey Award for Extraordinary Contributions to the Education of Young People in America, Vermont Society for the Study of Education, December 6, 2003. Selected Publications: “The Political Economy of Dyslexia”  (forthcoming); “Neurosciences and reading disabilities”; “Reading Theory, Constructivist Psychology, and Emerging Concepts in Neuroscience: Implications for a Model of Human Consciousness”; “Towards a Sociopsychoneurolinguistic Model of Reading”; “Brain research and reading: How emerging concepts in neuroscience support a meaning construction view of the reading process”; “The logographic nature of English alphabetics and the fallacy of direct intensive phonics instruction”; “The Linguistics, Neurology, and Politics of Phonics:  Silent ‘E’ Speaks Out”